From Pope Francis: on the ministry of catechists

May 11, 2021

                   Pope Francis has elevated the ministry of catechist to that of an instituted
                   ministry of the Church
. His document, Antiquum Ministerium (meaning “ancient
                   ministry”) was issued motu proprio, meaning that Pope Francis himself drafted this
                   proclamation by his own initiative and personally signed it.

You can read the full text by clicking here.

You may be thinking, “Wow … after all these years as a catechist, I’m now considered ‘official’?” Well, our catechists have always been considered official! But an “instituted ministry” means a type of formal vocation within the Catholic Church; in this case, lay ministers who have a particular call to serve the Church in handing on our faith. Pope Francis’s letter describes catechists as “men and women of deep faith, authentic witnesses of holiness … community leaders [who] carry out a mission invaluable for the transmission and growth of the faith.” That is definitely our amazing catechists here at Christ the King!

The ministry of catechist is a calling. Our parish is incredibly grateful beyond what words can express for the time, effort, knowledge, and caring that our catechists continually devote to blessing our young people at Christ the King and supporting them in faith! Please know how loved and appreciated you are!

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Catechists: not only teachers!

May 5, 2021

In Joe Paprocki's recent article, "Catechists as Teachers and Mystagogues," he explains how catechists are called to be not only teachers but also "mystagogues." What does that mean, exactly? Find the full text of his article here, from Loyola Press.

For our upcoming 2021-2022 Faith Formation year here at Christ the King, we have a position open for a Grade 9 catechist! If you might be interested (or know someone who is), please call our Faith Formation office at (518) 464-4776 or send an e-mail to Lisanne Jensen. Thank you!

Teaching children Catholic prayers

May 5, 2021

Catechists, parents, and anyone who would like to teach their children or students traditional Catholic prayers might enjoy viewing the above episode of Joe Paprocki's "Pop-Up Catechesis" (from Loyola Press). To check out the Pop-Up Catechesis archive (containing a variety of topics!), click here.

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