Congratulations and God's blessings!

During our Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 3rd, our parish community was filled with joy to witness three RCIA candidates celebrate the sacraments! Please join us in congratulating David DeBacco, who received Eucharist and Confirmation (Confirmation name: Gabriel); Jack Dineen, who was Confirmed (Confirmation name: Joseph); and Sarah Noel, who received Eucharist and Confirmation (Confirmation name: Mary). We also recognize and honor their sponsors, who continue to guide them in faith: Stephanie Scheibly (David's sponsor), Lindsay Collins (Jack's sponsor), and Margaret Carle (Sarah's sponsor). Sincere gratitude to our amazing RCIA team members for all their caring, knowledge, and time spent in preparation: Maureen McAuliffe, Bridget Scally, and Fran Schmidt.