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From Ms. Jensen: Lenten plans

I get ridiculously excited when Lent approaches. It's such a special, amazing time ~ and I think that's largely because I have such fond memories of going through the RCIA and becoming Catholic in 2011 at the Easter Vigil! But I also love all the incredible Lenten events, traditions, liturgies, etc. we get to experience as Catholics. (The Triduum ... ahh!) I think that I have a good plan for this Lent. It seems like a lot, though ~ maybe too lofty of a goal. But I definitely want to try! I'd like to do something each day for my mind, body, and spirit. Those three words have stood out to me lately for some reason ... maybe a nudging from the Holy Spirit? I've actually gotten a bit of a head start on the "body" part. My goal is to be more active, and I've started making the commitment to walk on the treadmill at my apartment complex's fitness center. (Just this morning, I walked for 40 minutes at a brisk pace. Pretty proud of that, for someone who hates exercise and is trying to slowly get back into it!) I also picked up some new earbuds and a good pair of sneakers to help with this goal. Of course, when the weather's nice, I hope to do that walking outdoors! Also, I will try to avoid sweets/sugar during Lent. That one will be tough. But I know that I'm a sugar addict, which isn't good. Zero-sugar and sugar-free items will be my best friend for a while, I think! I also dump a ton of sugar into my coffee ... going to avoid doing that. For the "mind" part, instead of scrolling endlessly on social media and sucking up all my time, I'm going to tackle the many books that I've been wanting to read. They're mostly spiritual-related books. Instead of wasting time on social media, hopefully I can use that time more productively to connect more deeply with God. I'm so guilty of mindlessly scrolling through TikTok and Facebook. Not that those are bad things ... I will still update social media for work, and I plan to participate in the Lenten photo challenge through Busted Halo. But I just won't be scrolling through and wasting time. For the "spirit" part ... reading those books kind of overlaps here, but more prayer, going to Reconciliation, and just resting in God's presence are definitely part of my Lenten plan. Prayer is about listening as well as talking! I can't wait to experience how this Lent will perhaps change me and help me grow in different ways!

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