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He has called us; we are His

I don't know whether you've been watching "The Chosen," but it's a show that touches my heart in such a special way. I absolutely cannot miss an episode (and in fact, I've been watching all the episodes a second time!). It's the first multi-season TV series that details Jesus's life, his public ministry, and how he calls others to discipleship. The first episode featured Mary Magdalene and how Jesus called her to follow him.

In one of the more recent episodes (Season 3, Episode 3), we see Jesus visiting his mother, Mary. He walks over to her house and knocks on the door. In the background, we can hear Mary say with joy, "Coming!" and putting down the cooking that she was working on to go answer the door. It takes her a bit of time, though, and Jesus smiles and knocks on the door a second time. Finally, Mary opens the door with a big smile when she sees Jesus ~ and she says, "You didn't have to knock! You could have just come on in!" Mary is of course very familiar to Jesus ... it's his mother, after all. But yet, he still knocked on her door. Twice.

That is what Jesus does for all of us. He knocks on the door of our hearts. (Usually, multiple times.) Has God ever knocked on the door of your heart? How so? Perhaps it was a gentle, quiet knock ~ more like a "nudge." Or maybe his knock caused a huge "a-ha" moment that was so obvious and took your breath away. Maybe God knocked once but there was no response ... so he knocked again. Or maybe you heard him knocking but it took some time for you to reach that door and open it.

If you have a chance today, maybe think about some of the instances in which you have felt God's presence knocking on the door of your heart. How did you respond? (Did you respond?) Was answering the door difficult or easy? How did you feel when you answered the door? How has your life changed since?

Jesus always meets us right where we are. But he never leaves us there.

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14 ene 2023

<3 this Lisanne. I'm looking forward to the next one!

Me gusta
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